You will never know Mr Jack Shreve

What do you stand for?

The saddest thing is that people don’t care.

They don’t care about you.

Your problems.

What you can do (unless it’s something for them).

And they don’t care if you win or lose.

All they care about is themselves.

And then they wonder why they aren’t getting where they want to be and why they aren’t rich.

Fleetingly, Right before they go back to Flakebook.

That’s just people.

Ask most people and that’s the opposite of what they will tell you, they will tell you that they want to make a difference, to be remembered, to do worthwhile things.

But how would you go about making a difference, being noticed and changing the world if you keep doing the same worthless things over and over.

Take the story of Mr Jack Shreve.

Now there is a guy who impacted the lives of millions and they never knew.

And will probably never know.

Jack was advocating on behalf of consumers in front of the Florida Public Service Commission who set the rates and standards on public utilities like Electricity, Gas, and Water supply.

His mission?

To keep rate increases as low as possible, to improve water quality and service, and to turn over troubled utilities to entities that could run them better and with greater efficiency.

and a small piece from his Tampa Bay Times obituary tells a better story

“He never cared about a person’s political beliefs, party affiliation or any of the multitude of divisive issues that Tallahassee is known for. Rather, he cared only about what he could do to help make the life of a utility customer a little better. The impact of his work lives on in the millions of people whose lives he made better.”

Hello Sausage

So, yesterday I had you thinking about time running out, not like some crazed

re-animated alarm clock with fast legs running around your bedroom in circles, but real time. Even if you are young and think you are invincible, I’m here to tell you that it will all go by in a flash and you will wonder what happened. That’s the truth.
And it is.
There is the old saying “100 years, all new people”
which is supposed to mean that however entrenched a position is, things change. People change. People die and aren’t nasty to you anymore.
Of course if you have ‘toxic’ people in your life then my advice is to get away from them as fast as possible.
Another useful saying we can keep maniacally muttering to ourselves is:
“Time is running out, Time is running out, Time is running out, Time is running out.”
For one thing, as we have seen, it is and for another, it keeps you ‘on task’ getting your most important stuff done.
Maybe visualize that animated alarm clock running in front of you and you can’t quite catch it – time IS running out.
Who would have thought?