Doctors are amazing people.

Without Doctors I wouldn’t be here, for sure.

Maybe some of you wish that was true sometimes.

Anyway I digress, it’s not easy being a Doctor, you have to go through extensive training and only after you have passed all your exams and had a number of years practical experience will they let you practice medicine. in total about 10 years of Study, Foundation and Vocational training.

If they are lucky, they get to specialise, this means that they get to spend an additional 2 years training. They know how to do the run of the mill doctor stuff but they also know more about a particular ailment than pretty much anyone.

So, that’s the person you WANT to see if you have that particular sickness.

What’s it like being a doctor then? Actually pretty tough.

Here’s why…

We should look at other professional people and see how diagnosis works for them…

A Veterinarian can’t ask his patient what the trouble is, but he can ask it’s owner.

A Car mechanic nowadays can actually ask a car what the trouble is, but might not get the right answer.

You see, it may be an advantage that a Doctor can ask a question of the patient, but they have to do a lot of interpretation to understand what the issue really is.

More galling than that though is the person who tries to educate themselves on Google before arriving at the doctors surgery.

The doctor has spent over 10 years of their life studying all aspects of human anatomy and physiology, looking at case studies, reading pharmacology reports, and mastering the technology only to have someone march into their office after spending 5 minutes on google and pronounce that they have some serious illness.

Doctors, fantastic people, but such a hard job.